12 Mar 2017

How to cope up with Exam Stress?

Exams are the critical part of education along with a source of stress for maximum students. To avoid anxiety from pesky evaluations, it is necessary to approach and face them and understand how to deal with a situation which involves stress. In most of the instances, stress is all about a mindset, and mental discipline is what matters the most. 

Stress Points

Stress comes in different forms and a consequence of life which cannot be avoided. A short time feeling of stress and anxiety is a part of every student.  

Anxiety is focused around a certain situation. A minute degree of stress can be motivating and stimulating and also may overcome stress, while a high degree can be disrupting. 

Know what is expected of you. 

Make sure that you are well informed with your syllabus and consult your teachers for clarification of any topic. If you have a firm base on what you will be tested for, you will be more likely to handle any kind of stress levels no matter how is the structure of CBSE Syllabus.

Take breaks

According to studies, it is proved that the average human mind is capable of focusing on a single task for about 45 minutes. For example, if you have finished a problem involving complicated Math Formulas take a small break and reward yourself. Also, according to neuroscience, focusing on the same concept for too long erases its ability to work appropriately.  

Eat healthy food 

  • Eating healthy food has a healthy impact on your mind and thinking. If you go on eating junk food, it fills your brain with all the junk ideas and ultimately has a negative impact on your preparation.
  • Try to eat nuts, vegetables and fruits. 
  • Have a balanced diet. Go for variety by changing the kind of cuisine you have every couple of nights. 
  • Give some time to meditation and yoga after physical exercise to make your mind calm. Take a deep breathe through the nose and make this as a part of your physical concern. 

Get enough sleep

  • Insufficient sleep leads to the feeling of stress, fatigue and anxiety. 
  • Develop a routine to be followed every night. Make a note of the number of hours you need for complete night sleep to feel refreshing in the morning. 

The one thing which matters the most over all the factors mentioned above is your mindset and mentality towards your studies and yourself. You don’t need to be uniquely special or stay away from everyone to be the best of all. All that is required is a correct attitude and confidence among yourself. Think of education as an essential part of your life and means of personal growth along with a booster to move on. 

Amit Paliwal

Amit Paliwal believes in the impact of writing along with developing articles, blogs and notifications. According to him, every word is an ornament of every content and language is the most powerful means of knowledge that can only be achieved through effective writing. Apart from content writing, music, painting and sports are his fields of interest. 

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