1 Mar 2017

International Conference on Indias foreign Policy Transformation Issues and Challenges 2017 at Kongu College

Indias foreign Policy Transformation Issues and Challenges 2017: International Conference

Indias foreign Policy Transformation Issues and Challenges 2017:International Conference

Event Name: Indias foreign Policy Transformation Issues and Challenges 2017

Event Description: International Conference

Event Type: Conference

Place: Kongu Engineering College, Erode, Tamil Nadu

Departments: All

Starting Date: 30-03-2017

Ending Date: 31-03-2017

About Event: The principal task of India’s foreign policy is to enable the domestic transformation of India. And by this we mean making possible the transformation of India’s economy and society while promoting our values of pluralism, democracy and secularism. This requires us to work for a supportive external environment that is peaceful, thus enabling us to concentrate on our growth and development. Our foreign policy seeks security and support from the international community as we build and transform our society and economy. In the sixty years since its foundation, our foreign policy has evolved. It has adjusted to meet new challenges and unprecedented crisis situations, as well as risen to meet the needs of intensified economic engagement with the world an engagement that is designed to meet the needs of an increased inflow of capital, technology, ideas and innovations for our development and for our re-emergence as one of the world’s leading economies. The extraordinary changes of the last two decades are fundamentally transforming India’s economy and society. The consistent high economic growth in this period has not only helped to empower a large number of our citizens but has also led to increased engagement of India with the outside world.

Events: Paper Presentation

Important Dates: Last Date for Registration: 23-03-2017

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Registration Page: http://icifpt.6te.net/

College Website: http://www.kongu.ac.in/

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