23 Nov 2017

Anna University Banned 1070 Staffs for Faulty Evaluation

Anna University Banned 1070 Staffs for Faulty Evaluation

Anna University Conducts Examination Twice a year. Anna University hired 1,070 staffs to do all the activities of the examination.That allotted teacher should set the question paper and evaluation. The University will inquiry a valuation which the examiners evaluated. Through these activities, Candidates got better grades in the revaluation. 

For revaluation, Candidates should pay,
  • Photo Copy- Rs.300/-
  •  Revaluation per Script- Rs.400/-

If the students like to know about our valuation, they can challenge our Valuation.  To evaluate our valuation, Candidate should pay Rs.3000 Per Script.


On September 27 and October 21, in Chennai, Trichy, and Coimbatore, an inquiry held by the University.  The teachers who had evaluated the papers are asked to come and revaluate the papers.  Finally, 1,169 Faculty members are evaluated correctly and 99 Faculty members were given a spared punishment. Illogical Evaluations were done mostly in the Chennai region.  In Coimbatore, two faculties of the 121 faculties escaped punishment. The Committee decided to give an opportunity to the faculty members who had evaluated illogical marks.

The Report said that the committee didn’t follow the instruction and as an examiner, they didn’t  do their duties and failed to do take care of responsibilities.  We called the faculty members and said to the Higher Education Secretary and the Univesity’s Convenor Committee chairman Sunil Paliwal. 

New Rules:

To One Senior Professor(Chairman),10 Evaluators should report.  Before this inquiry, Chairman only will the answer key.  Now Each evaluator will carry the answer key. 

Mr.Paliwal told that according to evaluation performance Affiliation will be based on. Colleges should cooperate with us to send their senior faculty to do the evaluation correctly and properly.  All the faculty members should follow the rules and who didn’t follow the rules, will be debarred.

This is great news for all the students. Now, Anna University correctly validates your exam papers. Don't worry about wrong validation. Don't miss to share this news with your friends.

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