30 Nov 2017

How To Focus On Studying before Christmas?

How To Focus On Studying before Christmas?

Studying before Christmas could be a difficult task for some students. This situation occurs because of educatee attitude toward their study materials during the term or semester. However, it is amplified by the current season, holidays, and a celebration that comes with it.

Hence, we see students trying to absorb a few months or a year work in few weeks learning for 12 hours a day straight. As a student, despite this last minute attempt, you find out that all you have learned has slipped off your mind or you cannot concentrate as much as is needed to grasp ideas in the material. Causes of this failure lie in the choosing method; hence, we have raised up effective techniques to have students acing their pre-holiday papers.

1.Small portion
While studying is not included in your Christmas ideas, do not attack it like a bridge that should be crossed immediately. Records have it that when we attack our information material to gulp down concepts written within mentally, we hardly remember half the portion etched within a book. Hence, it is recommended that you cogitate for about 2 hours. Within an hour of study, it is advised that students have 5 minutes break after every 25 minutes of assimilation. These breaks help refresh the mind and give you the chance to assimilate what has been learned.

Furthermore, if you decide to study after 2 hours’ recommendation, try observing a 20 minutes’ break first. It helps.

2. Read before you sleep and when you wake
Yes, you might be surprised about this; however, research shows that when people read before sleeping, their mind solidifies memories of what has been assimilated, therefore ensuring that you recall them when needed. Also, with a refreshed eyes and soul after a good rest, your brain is ready to learn new information. Hence, instead of looking for who can write my papers, it is recommended you read before sleeping and after waking up to get better study result.

How To Focus On Studying before Christmas?

3. Writing down helps
While skimming through a literary material can be a quick fix for the urgent need of information, this same rule does not apply when the information needed is extensive. Hence, it is advised that while studying you make time to jot down key points of knowledge you have mentally consumed. As reported by research, when we jot down information, we get to remember it five times higher than when we read through the material.
Also, with your key points stored in a jotter, you can conveniently access it for revision before exams. Hence, it is a right approach to try!

How To Focus On Studying before Christmas?

4.Concentrate on core materials
Any literary material you come across in school and outside school comes in two parts, elaborative part, and core part. Now, the elaborative part of a write-up is the part that explains what the core part is trying to communicate. This clarification is revealed through illustration, quotes, and examples integrated into the book. However, a core material is the part of a book that passes on the information you are looking for. Essential side comes as laid down principles, formula, theorems, graphs, and diagrams.

What you should do when you have a lot to cover is focus on the core part of your cogitative material. It is recorded that about 80 percent of students’ exams questions come from their textbook core materials; hence, the reason why this area should take priority. Also, endeavor to skim through past exam papers of your course; doing this helps you learn the manner exams are set and how best to prepare for it.

5.Enjoy your breaks
When experiencing your break, try to make the best out of it, and this means taking your mind out of study related thoughts. You could focus on decorating your room with some Christmas symbols to match the Christmas season or step out. Bottom line is your next research will not be as fruitful as you need it when you do not let your mind to rest during your breaks. Hence, you should use the break to do something you love.

How To Focus On Studying before Christmas?

6.  Switch between subject category

With the Christmas holidays and your pre-holiday exams getting closer, you do not want to bore yourself by cogitating the same type of material. Boredom is bound to occur when your school materials are all memory dependent or all problem-solving. Hence, to spice up your reading, switch your reading material from memory dependent too, problem solving and Interpretation base. Example: start from Biology, then get to Maths, and later switch it up to English.
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