4 Nov 2017

Top 8 Resources to Prepare for Exams

Top 8 Resources to Prepare For Exams

The major difficulty connected with exam preparation is that there is no single script to take into consideration for all the subjects. For instance, when your subject is language, you must concentrate on several aspects at the exam to illustrate the best command of a language. This includes listening, writing and speaking. The approaches applied to master language will not do good to conquer trigonometry. To help you cope with the set of tasks efficiently, there exist a number of preparation resources providing with information on various training methods to improve skills, practice, enlarge knowledge, and find out about exam tips you’ve never heard before. Preparation courses are included in the list.

Helping hand from Britain

Who can help you improve your command of English better than British representatives? THE BRITISH COUNCIL team will help you conquer any lack of skills or knowledge due to the endless quantity of resources one can find on their site. Here you are offered to acquire new vocabulary units in the process of engaging games. Some of them will help you fix your grammar. To make English the language of everyday usage you can address to multiple themed podcasts and magazines. Make your exam preparation pleasant!

On the pages of the resource, you will find lessons from the happy owners of the IELTS best grades. Students share their methods and approaches which do work. The British Council website is designed to satisfy the needs of all users: the audience aimed at improving business English can also find tools and resources to master the language.  Choose yours and get your high grade for an exam. For you not to get lost in the offered diversity, here are the main of them:
  • ·       IELTS preparation for listening and speaking. Designed to help you get used to the peculiarities of tasks offered at this exam, this chapter will offer you a chain of similar assignments to pass through.
  • ·       Friendly help. Though the British Council specialize at IELTS exam preparation, learners of English who are about to pass some other types of exams are welcome to this resource to make use of wide range of materials to improve their listening skills.
  • ·       Test drive. The tool named ‘Road to IELTS’ is both helpful for studying and exam practice. Before taking a real-time exam, you will learn and get used to the procedure and typical tasks due to the study material offered for practice (about ten hours) in reading, writing, and listening.
  • ·       Personalized vocabulary. To help with preparation for the IELTS Academic, British Council provides a splendid option named WORDREADY. This resource supplies the learner with the personalized vocabulary units. Thus, you will save time for the choice of corresponding material which is only accessible free of charge when you book IELTS.

Forum as a realm of answers to all questions

Top 8 Resources to Prepare For Exams

As some wise man once said: “Read to learn what to do in your situation. Nothing new happens, and your troubles were once described in some book: find the needed one, and you will overcome major difficulties in your way.” Today the existing list of preparation resources is getting longer. From now on one should pay attention to themed forums when preparing for the exam. Bored of Studies Online Forum is a resource uniting students in search of efficient solutions for educational issues. On this platform, you can find some resources which are beyond price. This is the platform where teachers and students gather to discuss the problems they face to make the educative process most comfortable and efficient for both parties. Do you need help with written assignments? Here you receive access to the assessed papers and useful exercises helping to acquire the skills for such works. This one resembles a bit the assistance of professional essay writers but with wider opportunities. The audience of the forum makes up 400, 000 members from all over the country. Everyone has his own peculiar experience to share that multiplies the chances to find a solution for your trouble. This is so important when you are about to cope with the exams determining your future. Here you will easily find out which preparation courses will contribute to your success. This forum will provide you with multiple exam tips on how to keep focused during the test and what to pay attention to trying to pass an exam in statistics.


This resource is of great use if you need to “fix” your grammar and enrich your vocabulary baggage of English. Video study material provided by this site simplifies memorizing pronunciation. Such is a perfect trick to learn distinguishing vocabulary units in other’s speech and to pronounce them correctly. These videos can help you make your speech more eloquent due to the learned idioms and turns of speech provided with explanations of its usage. This is the resource for those striving for perfection. Both the greenhorns and the seasoned English speaking students will find here some material to improve their language.

Super tutors

You have already get used to the multiple life hacks and pieces of advice offered by the users experienced in some field in YouTube. Some of them can help you cope with preparation for testing. For instance, English language masters represent a separate cluster of the connoisseurs willing to share their knowledge with the wide public.  

Some of them are extremely popular teachers of English, like Liz. Her IELTS Liz channel offers numerous videos on how you should prepare for exams and what you should never do to succeed. Her study material is centered on particular steps you need to make to get good results for different parts of the exam. They are helpful: she receives multiple grateful feedbacks for her impact in education.

Among such masters, you will also find the examiners themselves willing to contribute to your high grade. Well, these are the videos you cannot afford omitting if your desire to succeed is great. Who else can share such tricks? If you are willing to learn about the IELTS exam tips, Simon is the person to address to. His IELTS-Simon website is filled with valuable data pointing gratuitous sources, offering practice and pieces of advice about the details you should take into consideration to perform each task. Besides, he explains how the work is assessed. Member of examination board, he knows what he is saying.


Looking for most helpful sources when preparing for classes or exams, in the majority of cases, students choose the preparation resources in the top five browser offers. It is worth a place in the top five. This is an online database uniting multiple organizations with high credibility providing research including libraries and museums, and even archives of Australia. Get acquainted with a decent provider of the richest study material for your A research paper or dissertation.

From Cambridge with love

This is another helpful site offering plenty of opportunities for all levels of preparation. Beginners and advanced speakers will find here the study material to boost their skills and to get prepared for various exams (including BULATS, TKT). Welcome to Cambridge English realm – the space where you will improve your knowledge. Do you have troubles with assignments? Due to free writing practice, you will cope with your written task at the exam without any difficulties. Here you will find vocabulary lists, sample assignments, worksheets, and detailed exam guides

Top 8 Resources to Prepare For Exams

Examination should not be a feat. If you are eager to broaden your outlook or to pass to the higher level due to proper education, there are multiple preparation resources offering assistance in this concern for free! Make use of them today to contribute to your tomorrow!

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