16 Dec 2017

Online Criminal Justice Vs Law Degree

Criminal Justice is a very broad and multidisciplinary field of study. The main aim of this program is to study laws and law enforcement. The sociological and historical reasons behind laws are studied by students. Police officers and detectives are the most common professionals who take up criminal justice programs. Apart from them, criminal psychologists, forensic scientists and legal professionals also study criminal justice programs.
Online Criminal Justice Vs Law Degree

Why should one study Criminal Justice online?

Students are mostly preferring online criminal justice programs. The main reason being that the web-based form of education is usually more flexible than the usual classroom programs. The best online criminal justice degree programs usually provide the students with the same coursework and services as the on-campus students. Most often these online courses also provide students with internships and job opportunities. Few universities in the USA are most famous for providing the best online criminal justice degree programs. Some of these universities are:
1.            University of Central Florida
This university follows an asynchronous mode of instruction for its online students. They offer many academic resources to their online students. Both full time and part time online courses are offered.
2.              Liberty University
Liberty University has the highest number of online students in the whole of USA. Students with and without experience can take up these courses. Asynchronous mode of teaching is implemented. Various resources and online academic support are given to students.
3.              Florida International University
It is one of the best universities for criminal justice programs. The courses are delivered synchronously. The university also provides academic coaches for online students. However, the courses are full time.
4.              Crown College
The criminal justice program of this university is known as safety studies program. The coursework is delivered asynchronously.
5.              University of Massachusetts-Lowell
This university offers one of the highest rated criminal justice programs. They offer chat hours for the students to clear their doubts. Both fully online and hybrid courses are offered by the university. Both asynchronous and synchronous instruction modes are used.
Legal Studies (Law)
Legal Studies or simply law has always been one of the most respectable and ambitious. Apart from being lawyers, law professionals are in demand in almost every industry for legal advice and other purposes. Needless to say, paralegals are in demand in almost every country.
Why should one study Law online?
Students take up online law courses to practice law. However, there is one thing to be taken care of before opting for an online law degree. Only those courses that are accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA) should be taken up by students. This is because the schools that are non-accredited by ABA will not be allowed to sit for the bar exam. Most of the best online law degree programs are ABA accredited. However, the employment of law students is very high.
Taking up an online law degree requires a lot of hard work and dedication from the student’s part. The universities from their part try to provide the online students with the best academic resources and facilities. Considering the requirement of the students the best online law degree programs are accredited, affordable and flexible for the students and working professionals. Some of these top universities are:

1.            Villanova University
The law school of this university is accredited by the American Bar Association. It offers fully online programs. The program is highly popular among online law students.
2.              Washington University in St. Louis
This university offers various law degrees online. It offers tech support to online students throughout the day and gives them full access to academic services.
3.              University of South California
It is one of the best online schools for law students. Fully online programs are offered. Asynchronous mode of teaching is used. Students are given full access to online libraries and other services.
4.              University of Florida
This university is not a strictly online university, but it also offers online programs. It offers 24-hour technical support, online library and bookstore. It is also one of the most affordable of the schools.
5.              New York University
This university is in the process of creating an online law school for practicing attorneys. They provide a separate advising desk for online students. 
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