31 Jan 2018

The Power of Visualization in Math

The Power of Visualization in Math

Technology plays a crucial role in education. The advancement in technology has introduced the new way of learning, one of which is learning through videos. Visuals provide enhanced understanding to the students and help them to learn effectively.

One of the most important subject that requires understanding is the subject of mathematics. It is full of numbers, proofs, theorems having application in the real world. The latest technology has included learning through mobile application, AR/VR techniques, thus reducing the use of textbooks.

Here are the following benefits of visual mathematical learning to have a better insight knowledge of the subject:

(i) High level of understanding: Video learning technique provides 3-D visibility that textbooks cannot provide. This helps in developing the conceptual knowledge and understanding. Topics like a sphere, area of a sphere can be easily visualized through videos that cannot be understood by textbooks.

(ii) Have high retaining power: Various research shows that videos can be retained for a long duration, while textbook knowledge fades away at a faster rate. Thus most of the advanced technology whether it be a mobile application or smart class, are focusing more on learning through videos that can be sustained within memory for a prolonged duration.

(iii) Requires less time: It is the key feature to visual learning method, as it helps us save time. Concepts can be covered at a faster rate, thus providing sufficient time to have a thorough revision later. Such as complex number which usually takes 5-6 classroom session can be taught in a day or two, through videos.

(iv) Motivate students by developing interest: Everyone loves to understand the concepts through images or videos, and it could be an easy way to motivate them. Students can easily learn through videos and by relating the courses to real-life experiences through entertaining images and compelling videos. This helps in developing interest and curiosity in learning.

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