8 Feb 2018

Online Degrees and Course

Conventional approaches to learning are getting switched with the rise in technological advancements. People are always occupied and possess no time for leisure as well as learning. The time has arrived where there is a complete saturation in the industries that it is impossible to leave your jobs for getting a degree or so. This has elevated the importance of online education at a considerably faster rate.

Online Degrees and Course

What is Online Degree? Why is it different from conventional Degree?

One Word description for an Online degree is Flexibility. Paralleled to conventional degree programs Online degree courses are self-paced. There are two formats for Online Degree courses, fully Online programs and Programs in Hybrid format. Students can check for Jee advanced results here. Hybrid formatted programs are the ones which require hands on training such as engineering and allied medicines and they combine online and campus-based classes together. A self-paced course allows students to work at whatever pace they may wish, for as long as necessary to complete the course. The classes require students to prepare for Cat 2018 exam and have to complete the work by a specific date at the end of the semester.

Types of Online Courses Available

There are 4 types of Courses generally available

1.     Certificate Course
Certificate courses build skill set in an Individual. It’s the first step in acquiring a Bachelor’s Degree and building more career oriented skill sets.

2.     Associated Degree Course
Associate's degree programs are 2-year programs that prepare the students for a career or to transfer into a bachelor's degree program.

3.     Bachelor’s Degree Course
A bachelor's degree program is an extension of an associate's degree program. It typically takes twice as long to complete. Bachelor’s Degree opens up more opportunities in a career as it is more career oriented.

4.     Master’s Degree Course
The next step after your Bachelor’s Degree is Masters and it helps you to specialize in a field of your interest and choice. 

Top Online Colleges Across the globe

·       Southern New Hampshire University online
·       Penn foster college online
·       Liberty University Online
·       Northcentral University
·       American InterContinental University
·       Grand Canyon University
·       University of the southwest
·       Walden University
·       Kaplan University
·       Grantham University


Employers take on Online Education

There are employers considering a degree as a degree be it conventional or Online, but the scenario is different with some others. The primary issues consist of trust, consistency, credibility, and reputation. Some employers believe that gaining an online degree from a true college in addition to regular courses are credible enough, while some others have another take on it, they believe that only a fraction of knowledge is passed on to the students during Online education and that makes them completely unemployable and they prefer someone who made a full-time commitment to earning a degree. You can also refer Gradzz portal regarding the online course.

Pros and Cons of Online Education

No face-to-face interaction
Easy for online programs to be fraudulent and non-accredited
Constant Connection with teachers and work modules
Some employers simply don't prefer online degrees from any school, whether it is accredited or not.
Learn Anywhere, Anytime
No real-time answers to questions you have.

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