12 Jul 2018

How to check Anna University Old Semester Results?

This question comes to everyone mind. Because Anna Univesity removes results from the server within 4 to 5 months. So, AUNewsBlog team hardly worked and found a new tool ( www.aunewsblog.com ). This tool helps you to store your and your friend's exam results on our server. This tool is 100% free. 

How to check Anna University Old Semester Results?

We mainly create this tool for your reference. If you have any suggestion or idea, then please comment below. We make your idea real. More than four years AUNewsBlog team working for students success. Already, the Anna University exam results checking feature available in AUNewsBlog.com tool. 1 Lakhs+ students checked exam results on www.aunewsblog.com. So, We launched this tool to help the student to store his results. If you have any query contact us via email contact@aunewsblog.net

Below we share some tutorials on how to use this tool?

How to use AUNewsBlog.com to save exam results?

Step 1: Visit http://www.aunewsblog.com/signup

How to check Anna University Old Semester Results?

Step 2: Enter your name, Username, Password, Email and Mobile Number.

FAQ: This question surely comes to your mind why Email & Mobile Number. Yes, We planned to send email & SMS your result in future. So, Now we collecting email & mobile number. Your information is 100% secure. We never share your information with anyone. Full Login & Security under your control.

Step 3: Click Sign up.

Step 4: Now, Time to login to your account. 

How to check Anna University Old Semester Results?

Step 5: After login, Enter register number in the home page and click check results or use our unique feature www.aunewsblog.com/regno

Eg: www.aunewsblog.com/1234567890

Step 6: Now, Scroll Down. You'll see Result title box and save the result button. Enter Result title and click save the result.
Eg: Enter My 1st Sem Result or My April May Result or My Friend Arun Result or whatever you remember.

How to check Anna University Old Semester Results?

Step 7: Now, your result stored on our server. You can view it any time on aunewsblog.com saved results section.

How to check Anna University Old Semester Results?

Why Ads?

Last answer to your question. Because most of the students ask this question Why Ads published in all Anna University news streaming and important question streaming sites like rejinpaul, aunewsblog, aufastupdates, auhippo, bekalvi and all other sites.

This question comes to every student mind. Why are we serving ads on our sites? 

Answer: We are not official sites of Anna University. We also normal persons. So, We need to pay Internet & Electricity bill, Website domain cost, Website hosting cost and more on. Without ads, we can't manage these bills. So, We published undisturbed ads on our sites. If it hurts you then mail us contact@aunewsblog.net then we take immediate action.

I think you'll think on our side. Thank You. 
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