6 Jan 2019

coe1.annauniv.edu Internal Marks login issue Fixed (Captcha not showing)

Recently, Most of the students commented on our site regarding Coe1 website not showing captcha and they can't able to check the results. So, Our team visited coe1 and find a solution to this issue. We hope after AU team see our post they will update on coe1.annauniv.edu.

What issue in coe1.annauniv.edu?

Someone Anna University wrongly commented captcha showing <img> tag in the coe1 portal. So, Captcha image not appearing in the homepage. But, that image available in the code. Here we share the method to login coe1 portal.

How to login coe1.annauniv.edu student portal?

  1. Visit coe1.annauniv.edu
  2. Right click on the screen and click view page source option.
  3. Now, Full website source will display in front of you.
  4. Press ctrl+f and find the word "enter the captcha"
  5. You'll find two words. Choose the second one.
  6. On the under second enter the captcha link. Img tag is present. It look like this <img src="......">
  7. Copy the in between words on the quotation.
  8. Paste the copied line on a new tab and press enter
  9. You'll see the captcha.
  10. Now, Enter this captcha on the first visited page on step 1 (don't open coe1 again)
  11. Enter Register Number and Dob
  12. Click Login. Done

Video Tutorial (Sorry for the audio, This our first try)

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