1 Apr 2019

How to prepare for the Exam in one night?

How to prepare for the Exam in one night?

It is the night before the exam, and you are bursting around thinking of how to do it? Or there is a test tomorrow, and you have probably being engaged with some other things or have possibly procrastinated studying the course till now? You should just calm down as this post provides you with the right tools that will make you know how to study for a test in one night and pass easily. Yes, it is not impossible as these tips really help and you should relax and carefully read them, as they can help you in writing your test or exam better.

One thing before, start, it is very important to know that you cannot commit information into your long-term memory in just a night, but who cares about that now? The primary task here to make you pass your college test or exam coming tomorrow, and that is exactly what we would help you achieve in a moment. Let’s cut to the chase!

Preparations for the Night Study

Before you start out pouring in those equations, formula, dates, or notes, you have to be aware of the necessary preparations that can help you in your night study. Yes, the brain is the memory device and all of the information you read are stored in it, but you have to be conscious of the fact that the brain works in conjunction with your body, hence, it important for you to make the right physical preparation on the eve of your exam as far as studying is involved.

Get on a good bath, it helps to be relaxed, calms your discharging nerves, and helps you to be cool and ready to assimilate appropriately as you study. Next is eating right, you don’t want to study when you are dead hungry or whatever you are reading would just move from your brain and be dumped in your stomach. And at the same time, you don’t want to be too heavy with food, it’s bound to be counterproductive. You need focus and calm for the session of reading before you, hence some deep breathing exercises or some Yoga stretches can help keep your mind fit. And most importantly, get rid of distractions!
  • Get a bath.
  • Eat light and soft.
  • Wear the right clothing.
  • Get relaxed and focused (deep breathing, stretches).
  • Get rid of distractions (phones, social media, friends, noise, parties, loud music).
  • Get the right temperature (not too cold or too hot), with adequate illumination.

Getting Started

Now, you are ready to start the reading, but before you go on and start cramming words in your head, it is essential to know that you have to be smart, organized and very wise about what you do. The night before the exam is not the time to start reading the largest textbooks or the finest research papers about your course but the night to do the most needful and essential. You have to have a game plan that would guide your studying.

Organize everything you need to study which are most important, perhaps, using clues from what the teacher or lecturer has said in class can guide you or words of experience from previous questions or senior colleagues. Outline everything you need to read and organize the topics or concepts that you want to study. Smart work is the greatest tool you need this night and not a wasteful hard work!

How to prepare for the Exam in one night?

Use Study Aids
It is the night before the exam and every bit of information you have been postponing for this time have to get into your skull tonight, therefore, a mnemonic device could prove very useful for difficult to master concepts just as Paperell.com provides excellent and reliable essay writing service to help college students out of the frustration that may be involved in writing essays.

This night is the night that drawing diagrams or links from one part of your notes or handouts can be very beneficial because you tend to easily recall diagrams and figures then a lengthy sentence. You could use sticky notes, speak out aloud, employ repetition as you study. For some people, getting a good and succinct YouTube video, reading Paperell essays or any other educational video tend to be dramatic in giving them the comprehension they can’t get from their books, and you could also explore this if you think it can help.

The Buddy System

If you have a nerdy friend or one that won’t show you the latest funny clips online on the night of the exam, this might be the perfect time to get to where they are, and you can be sure they would be studying, after all, that’s what they love doing! The benefit of studying with someone on the night of your exam is that you can easily ask for the explanation of a concept that can take you hours and have it understood in minutes – isn’t this rather smart?

How to prepare for the Exam in one night?

In addition to this, you can easily call on such friends and ask them to quiz you on what you have read, this helps to solidify the bits of information in your brain. Well, if they are also nice enough, they could give you their list of important items, dates, facts, and mnemonic devices which can soften the hard way of learning independently. Finally, your buddy can nudge you right back, if you mistakenly slip into a quick sleep in the process of studying.


Even though it looks like you still have a whole lot to study, you must still be reminded of the fact that the brain is no robot, it needs rest, and essentially, the night before your exam is a delicate one when your brain needs a decent bit of sleep to arrange the information you have read and to establish the neuronal synapses that will bring up the right answers when you are writing your exam the next day.

An all-nighter, as good and tempting as it looks on the night of your exam is not advised for any reason. A good rest is valuable and will make you relaxed and calm to give the exam what it takes when you see the question that being drowsy and dizzy while you scrawl answers nobody can read easily on your exam paper.


Remember to be cautious of your health as you prepare for every exam or test. Spend the night of your test wisely and do not forget to rest and take a decent breakfast in the morning of your exam. Be assured that many people have passed their exams even with a good night of study before the exam, and you are not bound to be different if you apply the tips rightly.

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