11 Jul 2019

Life Hacks to Write a Creative Essay within Several Hours

Having to write an essay within several hours is a common situation. You may have plans for the evening or the deadline appeared seemingly out of nowhere. The task seems impossible, but our experience says you can do it.

Of course, the easiest and fastest way to get an essay done is by ordering at a write my essays service. The writers can handle any topic and send you a finished paper within hours. Let this idea be your back-up like it has been to thousands of students around the world.

But if you want to solve the problem yourself, we have several hacks for you.

Always Brainstorm Before Writing

Prior to creating the essay outline, give yourself some time to brainstorm for ideas. Let all your thoughts flow, and by the end, you’ll see a bunch of great paragraphs you can use.

Check out these tips to make your brainstorming session successful:

  • Keep your focus on the topic;
  • Ask yourself relevant questions on the subject;
  • Brainstorm both arguments and counter-arguments;
  • Don’t judge your thoughts, pour out everything you have on the topic;
  • Write the key ideas down.

After your brainstorm session, make sure you check the facts and terms before using them in the essay.

Focus on Answering the Main Question

There’s always one main question or statement you have to answer or write about. Focus on this and you won’t go off-topic. Always keep the keywords of the task in front of you so you can check in from time to time. Such an approach will help you give a full answer and save time you would spend going sideways.

To make sure you stay on track, ask yourself the following questions while writing:

  • Is this fact relevant to the topic?
  • Does this argument prove my thesis statement correct?
  • Did I go too far with the background information?
  • Is this counter-argument appropriate to the point of my paper?

Keep the Basic Essay Structure in Mind

It’s much easier to write according to a plan. That’s why most writing experts recommend building an outline before writing any academic paper. Every task has its own details as to the structure, but the main carcass is the same:

  • Introduction. The very beginning of your essay should consist of a catchy sentence to introduce the topic, some background information, and your thesis statement. The latter is like the essence of your essay in one sentence. Take your time to build a strong thesis statement. Don’t use vague words, state the facts instead.
  • Main body. The main body should consist of several paragraphs supporting your statement. You can also include a counter-argument and refute it to strengthen your point. In a narrative or descriptive essay, use the main body to tell the whole story. In expository essays, no arguments are needed, so use this space to provide structured information on the topic.
  • Conclusion. The very last part of your essay should sum up the whole paper by restating the main idea and providing general closing. Make sure you don’t include any new information there.

Work in Chunks

Researching, building, writing, and proofreading a paper in one sitting can be exhausting. We’re talking several hours of sitting and focusing deeply on the task. Even if the essay is small, consider spaced working. You can organize the chunks based on time and part of the work.

So, if you work better when you know that in half an hour you’ll have a break, use time-oriented planning. Have a 10-minute rest after every half an hour, or think of the ratio that works best for you.

In case you work better knowing that after you finish, say, research, you’ll have a rest, use chunk-oriented planning. Give yourself the same 10-minute rest after you finish research, then after you build an outline, etc.

Get Help with Proofreading

Proofreading a paper is a must, but you can make the process quicker and more fun. Try reading the paper once to yourself and then to someone to get feedback. Two brains are better than one, you’ll be able to detect logical mistakes and improve the paper.

Also, don’t forget about all the assistance you can find online. Use services that provide grammar, spelling, punctuation, and plagiarism check. They will suggest changes to improve the structure of your sentences as well as the vocabulary of the essay.

Work on Your Productivity

Let these life hacks help you finish your papers quickly and easily. Add your own tips to the list and read it before every task that needs fast decisions. Writing academic papers gets easier when you practice and have great examples. So make sure you write a lot and in case you don’t have time for that one last piece, order it online.
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