18 Jan 2020

Complete Guide to Writing a Successful Internal Assessment

Students enrolled in International Baccalaureate (IB) may find it hard to form an outstanding Internal Assessment (IA). With respect to the subject you are enrolled in, be it IB Psychology, History or any other, you are required to write an IB IA. This is the type of assessment that requires your utmost attention and time. Therefore, if you are unable to find the resources and time to write your internal assessment, you can hire an internal assessment writing service to do the job for you.

Let’s get into the details of how you can write a successful assessment if you choose to do it yourself.

So, What Exactly Is an IB (IA) Internal Assessment?

IB IA is an internally marked assessment by teachers. The assessment is later moderated by the examiners of IB. Basically, an IB IA looks a lot like a research paper or journal, entailing that you need to spend a lot of time conducting research for it while forming multiple sections for the assessment.

The IB IA acts as a partnership taking place between the IB examiner, an instructor and of course, the student. The evaluation, guiding and construction criteria of this assessment are the same. Depending on the IB class, the assessment various from experimentation, workbook, oral examination, project or paper. Either way, your maximum effort is needed to be successful in this element of your IB. If at one point you feel that you need to buy an internal assessment, you are not the only one.
In Science fields, one is required to make their own experiment and create a report over it. This report could be from 6 to 12 pages and must meet the 5 important criteria if IB IA. Both, externally and internally, your report will be then graded. The IA usually accounts for 20% of the grade and needs to be submitted before the exams begin.
Conclusively, you should never take your IB IA lightly!

How Do I Begin with my IB IA?

The first thing is first, choose a study/topic. Begin with looking for simple research that you feel you can adopt in your field or in a similar variable. You might want to consult with the teacher before beginning.

Now comes the tricky part: conducting research. Many students find it hard to find the time to conduct research. In fact, some students may not find themselves suitable for research either. However, if you choose to do it yourself, here’s a tip: after you have selected a topic, look for the original study and replicate it in addition to supporting research. Of course, you would have to add these to the references as well. At this point, start outlining your research as well. Form your experiment lists, consent form and everything you need to go ahead with IB IA.

How to Write IB Internal Assessment?

If you are choosing to write it yourself, here are some key points you need to keep in mind now.
Start with an introduction – of course, you begin every research by stating what you have done in this study. Give a general idea regarding your study and add 2 to 3 supporting researchers and studies which amplify the need for why you have conducted on the particular topic. Moving forward, add your hypothesis as well.

Now you need to focus on the method’s section. This section includes four subsections:
In this subsection, you discuss the chosen design; is it repeated measures or independent samples? For the chosen design, you need to justify with reasons. Your dependent and independent variables need to be mentioned here as well.

Who, why and where – you need to talk about the chosen participants and their characteristics with respect to how are they fitting in your research.

This section would include used/applied materials. Include them under the heading of “Appendix”. These could include consent form, set of instructions and so on.

The precise, accurate procedure of your conducted research needs to be written here. Describe the settings in which the research was conducted, how was it conducted, the necessary steps and so on.
The last part of the IB IA is results and conclusion. Limitations, advantages and findings of the research need to be added here. Draw the needed connections shared between supporting studies and the results you achieved. It also shed light on how the particular research topic can be improved in future studies.

So, here’s your key to knowing how to write a successful IB IA. In case you are looking for IB IA writers, you have come to the right place. Also, you can check some tools for your IA here.
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