16 Jul 2020

The Best Plagiarism Checker Tools for WordPress and Beyond

Plagiarism is a red banner that can prevent your website from ranking in search engine results. It may also result in irreversible harm to your brand's authority and reliability. If you think that you have never plagiarized, then you should understand that this awful thing can be a part of your work unintentionally. 

The Best Plagiarism Checker Tools for WordPress and Beyond

Anytime you publish unique content online, you become accessible to the risk of being plagiarized. You also boost the threat of unknowingly plagiarizing by somebody else. To save yourself and your brand from the effects of plagiarism, it's essential to avoid it by using advanced techniques!

Plagiarism Checker Tools can be your Best Friend

It doesn't matter if you are a blogger, teacher, student, website owner, or freelance writer. Plagiarism checker tools will help you with your writing and enable you to produce 100% unique and original content. It will help you out in extremely many problems to create fresh and plagiarism-free content with a more attentive audience. 

Besides, it will build the root of satisfaction that gives rise to perfect content!

The modern plagiarism tools are intelligent and easy-to-use with advanced features for building outstanding content. Here we will explain the top online plagiarism checker tools for WordPress, and beyond that, a content writer should use them!

Online Plagiarism Tools for All.

Containing a plagiarism checker tool within your WordPress site is a simple, profitable way to search for authenticity. But if you wish to be extensive in your plagiarism precautions, you'll require to have plagiarism checkers useful for everything you write. Following are some top names that you can openly access from anywhere:

1. PlagiarismDetector.net

It gives a free plagiarism checking facility that makes it is simple to locate for paper theft online. Rather, than pasting particular parts of the content. The online plagiarism checker by Plagiarismdetector.net examines your whole website by just using the URL. It also empowers extra free plagiarism resources, such as a tool that relates two blog posts or web pages for resemblances. These resources also require a helpful guide on how to appreciate your digital ownership and handle online plagiarism.

2. Grammarly

It is another best tool for plagiarism, and grammar checking that is accessible online. It does give not only outstanding spelling and punctuation mistakes checking but also gives unique plagiarism services too. All you have to do is log in with a free account and copy stuff from your editor to associate your writing with other websites. Then tap on the loop in the left navigation panels that are visible near you. By committing, you will understand whether your article's material is circulated on another website or not! You can only use these options if you are a premium Grammarly client. Grammar monthly membership is $29, but it lowers to $19.98 if you spend quarterly. However, this tool is expensive, but the involvement is clearly worth assessing large quantities of content.

Plagiarism Tools for WordPress

There exist thousands of anti-plagiarism selections in the WordPress plugin list. After testing out the most famous options, the following are the ones that stand out the most:

1. Copy Scape

It is an outstanding tool to handle your content for plagiarism. The plugin contains various CopyScape APIs, which enables you to function in the WordPress dashboard to assess the plagiarized content.

You can even discover an individual who copies your pages without your permission. CopyScape understands copied data automatically so that you don't have to do any copying and paste from your content to scan always.

The formal pricing program for CopyScape expenses $26. You don't require testing articles several times after putting in this plugin to your website because this tool traces all of your data. It assists both authors and publishers to fight against plagiarism in the content. The plugin is appreciative of numerous browsers including, opera, safari, chrome, etc. It also locates the content to scan for plagiarism automatically.

2. Plagiarism Auto-Check

It has long accepted the title as the wonderful WordPress plagiarism detection tool. It gives a user-friendly and easy interface. Plagiarism auto-check is the fourth most famous plugin. You can discover the same pages by which your genuine material was duplicated. You can also recognize the name of the user, the email, and the locations of the people who plagiarized your stuff.

Moreover, to preserve your content, you can also control people's responses to your content. It requires a systematic license for $17 and a Pro version for $86. This enables you to deliver a DMCA threat to the recipient so that the copied paper is taken down. If any of the articles has been plagiarized, the plugin will test the data completely.


Figuring out plagiarism can be a quick job; if you are relying on modern tools and tricks. We hope that after reading this content, you will be able to learn the best Plagiarism checkers for WordPress and Beyond!

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