10 Apr 2021

How to Write an Essay Fast: Simple Steps to Follow

An argumentative essay is a paper that allows students to develop practical skills in scientific work. The implementation of this work aims to form students' ability to conduct research, develop skills of creative independent work, master general and special methods of modern research, and conduct an in-depth study of various issues or topics of the discipline.

How to Write an Essay Fast: Simple Steps to Follow

Essay Writing Guide for College Students

Writing and editing an essay is quite a difficult task, especially when you need to complete the assignment quickly. It is not always possible to fully cover a topic in a limited time frame. A template or some examples are often required. However, there are some tips to help you create a good English essay even if you only have a few hours to work. Below you can find more useful information about this.

Choice of a Theme

The first step in creating an essay is choosing a topic. Essay topics are usually offered by the department where the student is studying. As a rule, the proposed topics are well developed in the literature and have a significant source base. However, in some cases, you can choose the topic yourself. If you take a large-scale topic, you may have difficulty, as it requires considerable knowledge of the sources. So, it is better to explore narrow topics that are easier to understand.

Selection of Literature

Work on the topic should begin with a bibliographic search. It provides for the development of card and electronic library catalogs and specialized resources with open access to books and articles. Studying encyclopedic and reference publications and reviewing the Internet portals will reveal both classical basic research and modern publications on the theme.

The web pages or sites of professional periodicals, where all articles are publicly available, are useful. However, it is recommended to avoid unverified sites where the information may not be reliable. A careful reading of the literature and analysis of its scientific and reference apparatus will help to find the necessary basis for research.

Structure of the Work and the Text Writing

According to the composition, the work should consist of the following structural elements: an introduction, several paragraphs, conclusions, and a list of sources:

  1. The introductory paragraph is one of the most difficult elements of the work. It is usually written after writing the main text. In the introduction, the writer should substantiate the scientific relevance of the topic, formulate the purpose and objectives of the work, determine the chronological boundaries, give a historiographical review of the literature, as well as classify and analyze sources;
  2. The paragraphs of the main part set out the main content of the work in accordance with the defined outline. References to sources in the text are required. It is necessary to refer only to the literature that has been directly processed. Using other people's opinions, ideas, or conclusions without reference to the author is plagiarism;
  3. At the end of the work, it is necessary to present conclusions. The general conclusions of the paper are not an automatic sum of the conclusions drawn after each paragraph, they are a new independent text that summarizes the study as a whole. In order to make good conclusions, you should compare information from different types of sources.

Compilation of Bibliography

The bibliography list is an important element of persuasive essays and any other papers, including articles, term papers, diploma papers, dissertations, etc. It should include not only the works that are referenced in the text but also others that were used by the student in the process of writing the work. As for the format of the bibliography list, it should be designed in accordance with current standards.

Is It Legit to Get Essay Help Online?

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