16 Jan 2019

How to fix coe1.annauniv.edu captcha loading issue in the Smartphone?

Recently, We shared the methods to solve coe1.annauniv.edu captcha issue in PC/Laptop. After, This update most of the students asked us the tutorial for the smartphone. So, We here shared the tutorial to fix coe1.annauniv.edu captcha issue in mobile phones.

  1. Download HTML Source Code Viewer app from play store or download using this link.
  2. Give all permission. (Settings -> apps -> HTML Source Code Reviewer->Permission) Enable all permissions on it.
  3. Now, Open HTML Source Code viewer app and visit coe1.annauniv.edu
  4. Enable Hand icon near the address bar
  5. Now, Click anything inside the site.
  6. New Page will open with source code.
  7. Search this word "enter the captcha"
  8. Choose the second one.
  9. Img tag will present below that line. It looks like <img=".....">
  10. Copy words between the quotation
  11. Paste it on any browser and you will get a captcha.
  12. Now, go back to the HTML source code app and press back button.
  13. Disable the hand symbol near the address bar.
  14. Now, Enter Register number, DOB and Captcha.
  15. Click Login

Video Tutorial

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